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Jiayitian again gains the automotive electronics industry annual "Top Ten national brand" award
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August 4, 2015, on the theme "Smart · Internet and Future", aims to promote industry excellence, boost industry brand building "2015 automotive electronics industry brand event" ceremony in Beijing National Convention Center held a grand ·. The award will be selected from China's domestic auto electronics brands in the 10 brand, with its excellent performance in the previous year, carrying forward the national brand Manner. Dongguan City Arts Exhibition Electronics Co.'s brand "Jiayi" with its excellent performance won industry recognition, was selected as the 2015 automotive electronics industry brand event "Top Ten national brand."

Jiayitian (Dongguan City Arts Exhibition Electronics Co., Ltd.): intention to create quality first. In the big screen rife moment, Jiayi full models, channels and other leading praise received public recognition, propped up half the sky big-screen vehicle computer products. Showcase Blue chief representative Jiayi (Dongguan City Arts Exhibition Electronics Co., Ltd.) received the award and delivered a warm acceptance speech!

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