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Affectionate infinite love drip droplets outdoor art exhibition to join public service dedication of
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Pay a bit of water meager strength, cohesion would be infinite energy. So individual, a corporate social responsibility more so. As the industry's leading manufacturers of navigation, electronic art exhibition has been as a business should not forget social responsibility, the charity deeply to heart. In July, Electronic Arts Exhibition hand in outdoor public service drops, the charitable cause in the end, to send poor mountainous Xiangxi bit of love, the slightest warmth.

Drip affectionate love unlimited love and dedication into the Western Art Exhibition As China's economic development, many welcome changes occurred in the vast rural areas. Despite the economic redevelopment, there will always be a lost land, so a group of Xiangxi poor mountain people of all circles of society who need a helping hand. Xiangxi poor mountainous areas, many people will be less, large-scale agriculture, industrial management level is low, the economy is still underdeveloped rural areas. Forced to livelihoods, mostly, the young long-term overseas workers, which left a lot to the family education of risks and problems. Electronic Arts Exhibition hand in outdoor water droplets welfare, the poor mountainous areas of Western aid in the end.

Showcase Staff inventory donations   

Showcase electronic supplies donated series

Public outdoor water droplets, grassroots organization dedicated to Mountain student, is a group of caring people with ideals, dreams built. Regardless of their age, regardless of geography, because of love, because of Thanksgiving, because walking together. They are concerned about the poor mountain children, they actively support and participate in various public welfare activities around, but also because I like outdoor sports make them feel more natural beauty, but also pregnant with a grateful heart. Over the years, they have a need for the community people quietly support, sent assistance to people in need in this community, sent warm.

Public water droplets volunteers to raise money for needy families through the sale of Xiangxi

Our society needs more positive energy. Electronic Arts exhibition to join the public service as water droplets poor mountainous Xiangxi offer modest, we should be greatly respected. Public outdoor water droplets also hope that more individuals, corporations can do for those who need a helping hand, so that the community can be more warm, caring Poppins.

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