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CarPad t6 series shocked the market!
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After months of atmosphere rendering, large-screen navigation new art exhibition series on the Golden exhibition officially released. As an industry pioneer large-screen navigation, electronic art exhibition to undertake Golden exhibition of the east, following the big-screen series, the series did it again the rapid release of new, really shocking. Thanks to Showcase booth to see high-end large-screen navigation style!

Since last September Showcase large-screen Android navigation electronic publication series, and to do it quickly promotion, creating the industry leader in large-screen navigation myth in the market. HD Series S6 Series large-screen navigation and also for its Star Search fast, accurate positioning, more stable characteristics have been a praise.


The Showcase Series CarPad6 new conference selection in the booth arts exhibition. As one of the leading companies of car navigation, electronic art exhibition overwhelmed bring new extravaganza Golden exhibition attracted a large number of people in the industry come to see the art exhibition of large-screen navigation style. New conference, Electronic Arts exhibition CEREALS chairman delivered a speech. He said that despite the current industry situation has become more serious, but aim at doing electronic art exhibition industry leader products, electronic art exhibition will be more passionate attitude to meet all the difficulties and challenges. Also thanks to art exhibition has been quietly supporting electronic distributors, the media and the general Showcase electronic loyal users.


Electronic Arts and general manager of marketing development at the Blue Shanghai Kunqu proposed new conference: industry product homogeneity serious today, make a difference, to enhance the user experience, to achieve both the price of the control system strictly for dealers to seek more the interests of the majority of owners to create a more perfect driving experience is long held art exhibition. CarPad6 grand market, targeting high-end large-screen navigation, combined with a large-screen HD series and S6 series, Electronic Arts exhibition at the end of the self-contained product, from product quality, brand and customer experience to build on, the art exhibition series large-screen navigation, aiming big-screen navigation leader.


Showcase Electronics chairman CEREALS (center), general manager of marketing electronic art exhibition A blue and Hai-Kun Jin Chinese car audio and video network president for the art exhibition opening CarPad6 new large-screen navigation.

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