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To create a big-screen navigation Timev, Xinjiang to promote arts exhibition will be held successful
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March 30 joint Xinjiang Super Electronic Arts exhibition in Urumqi, Hami East Building, 2015 held a big win, Showcase intelligent vehicle navigation products Promotion and eastern Xinjiang super strategic partner exchange, hundreds of stores from the end of the Xinjiang region to ride event in the event, which is following the 2014 joint Art Exhibition service providers around, co-sponsored national tour Showcase intelligent vehicle navigation new promotion in 2015's first big-screen machine

The conference theme is: the big win of 2015, art exhibition hurricane action, big-screen project Nuggets. Showcase large-screen navigation committed to creating a new era, there are already nearly 50 vehicle models, the country's 30 provincial-level agents, becoming China model most complete, the most widely sold car navigation big screen car brand.

Since 2013 the beginning of the rise of large-screen navigation, electronic art exhibition began layout of the country, opened the big screen car navigation self-production of independent research and development process, in just one year would create the most comprehensive models currently on the market the most extensive sales big screen car navigation brand, is the industry's miracle, to lead the navigation industry to become a strong driving force another car drive times of the golden age, the end of 2014 national tour purpose Showcase intelligent vehicle navigation new promotion is hope through art exhibition around service providers strive to lead the navigation industry to another new height, which is responsible for car audio and video art exhibition industry, which is responsible for over eastern Xinjiang audio car audio and video industry.

  16:00 meeting start on time, Zhang Zhi, general manager of Xinjiang over the East on behalf of the East and ultra-sound Art Exhibition staff thank you for coming, hope to make more knowledge and understanding of peers Xinjiang big-screen machine to seize 2015 Nuggets win project.

  Then general manager of marketing art exhibition blue Hai-Kun, 10 ways Speaker Showcase Tablet navigation and flat navigation 2015 sales training market planning, including art exhibition compared to the same type of large-screen navigation of the advantages, and sales of large-screen, brilliant blue overall presentation so that the audience terminal business benefit, live big-screen mold fine arts exhibition, beautiful appearance, high-grade products and stability characteristics for everyone to leave a deep impression.

  Showcase competent Lvwu Jian Electronics Co., Ltd. aftermarket products explain in detail to the art exhibition of 10 large flat navigation dominant functional analyzes, but also large-screen products Art Exhibition stable core technology for the analysis, so that we can not help but praise a "good large-screen Showcase made. "

  Good product requires experience, time we break halfway surrounded by art exhibition before the big screen products to counter experience, personally feel that the country's best selling big screen.

  After the experience, the meeting interactive sessions, quiz with prizes, everyone on several issues raised fierce answer, the first question is to the three major advantages Showcase tablet navigation, and the second is the art exhibition features ten flat navigation the third is the art exhibition flat navigation products with other brands tablet navigation products What are the advantages compared to the fourth art exhibition is to choose flat navigation seven reasons, the fifth serves decent art exhibition is that there are several flat-panel navigation method, the sixth is 2015 Showcase tablet navigation planning tactic words.

  Zhang Zhi-Dong, general manager of Xinjiang super interact with the audience guests

  Ah Kam car audio industry leads the way CarCAV president, with 13 years of experience in car audio and video senior media people, as well as modification of the thousands of site visits experience store for you on retail sales management.

  Showcase general manager of marketing for the Blue Haikun Showcase large-screen ultra agent Xinjiang province granted power of attorney on behalf of the East general manager.

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