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How to buy car DVD navigation audio system
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Urban roads and more complex, a novice to install car DVD navigation is also growing proportion, nearly 40 percent of new car owners have installed car DVD navigation needs. How can I buy a suitable car DVD navigation audio system? We can start from the following:
First, the sound quality

DVD is used to play music, so sound quality is very important. Therefore, be sure to ask this before output DVD machine is a few "V", or this machine and other machines DVD quality comparison before purchase DVD. If the sound quality DVD player and CD player can be one to compete with quality, then do not worry.

Second, image and DVD machine with the amount of

Screen DVD screen analog and digital high-definition screen two kinds. Simulation screen pixels are generally 240 × 240 pixels or 480 × 240 pixels, while high-definition screens are usually 800 × 480 pixels or higher. In addition, a good DVD dual optical drive is the assigned amount, ie DVD, CD two kinds of drive.

Third, the accuracy of the electronic map

Car navigation electronic map is the basis of applications and the core portion, the amount of data and detailed professional certification should have its basic elements, so the majority of owners in the purchase of navigation products, first check the electronic map of "origin." National Mapping Bureau of the person in charge: the owner of an electronic map and travel security is closely related to some of pirated digital map error appears painted leak painted, the owner will travel trouble. After examination of the source after the electronic map, but also to test the amount of electronic map connotation. Professional, detailed electronic navigation maps in addition to high accuracy, but also can provide a detailed map national road network map and major cities.

Fourth, the product performance

Since GPS vehicle navigation products applied to car, so asking them technically, the quality should be able to adapt to the harsh automotive environment, with seismic, temperature and other characteristics. Currently, car navigation products for the mainstream media for storing electronic map data and other relevant information, mainly SD card and CD-ROM. In the car driving, due to the influence of external factors such as road conditions, easily scratched discs, resulting in accurate map information can not be read; and as a medium to SD card slot design navigation products, high stability, so comparing the seismic performance well, in a relatively harsh automotive environment, to protect the security of electronic map data, it is more subject to authorized users. In the choice of media, owners can pick and choose according to their needs, if driving on the road is often poor environment, it recommended that owners choose to use SD card car navigation products.

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