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Who drove into the automotive electronics play mobile 4G era
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In fact, a lot of it online car manufacturers have long realized that some "tall" or even models targeting youth groups are doing it, such as Roewe 550 can view news, weather and other information through the car's screen, even the famous "OnStar" system, although not providing Internet access, but also to the user's mobile phone to send real-time data and condition information in case of emergency rescue, which is a degree of "online" through the vehicle network.

But you will find the current models even have Internet capabilities, experience and capabilities are also very poor, while car manufacturers are in the pipeline under a vehicle system changes, such as Ford launched SYNCAppLink, has taken a localized ecosystem Construction an important step, although this may change as early as Apple CarPlay, Microsoft and Google Windowsinthecar / NVIDIA formed OpenAutomotiveAlliance, but because of the slow, the direction is not clear or limited platform appeal, it was not until the time these three iT companies reached a strong, automobile manufacturers to accelerate or change their pace, or simply put one of the three arms.

And we believe that both the car manufacturers themselves or technology companies to provide platform-level solutions that are waiting for an opportunity, and that is the arrival of 4G era, or the Chinese market really available 4G service, and this time has come in 2014 .

Let the phone away, burst-car entertainment needs

Recalling the past, in-car entertainment, navigation needs you will find that regardless of the driver or passengers, for car access it have a strong demand, just for the existing front-line navigation device PND navigation mode impact on almost is fatal, not to say in high-speed driving, traffic jam or a point of interest when looking for a variety of Internet, search, find, chat needs, and that's not even counting the other members of the car for the car online entertainment needs, so you'll saw a strange phenomenon, after our mobile phones, laptops and household appliances are networked with each passing day, every day without private cars, so many years but had closed like a primitive society, as this is very unreasonable.

Of course, to see where some people would say, car access these needs, can be realized by phone ah Moreover, access to the Internet and now everyone has a smart phone, you need to have car online? This is indeed a part of the current car manufacturers solutions - via Bluetooth, WiFi and other ways to make car system to connect the phone to solve the problem of network exit, saying that white cell phone becomes a wireless router. This seemingly resource-saving solutions in fact there are several problems:

Control methods complicated, just think before every Internet access are first to open the phone's Bluetooth or WiFi, and then share it, you do not feel tired already love, it's like you're holding a WiFi version of the iPad in the net to find that Like passive.

System integration is low, limited by its own power and launch capabilities, to share out the phone network is not stable, and when you operate the car's screen but can not get information, do not know where the problem is.

Speed ​​is limited, it is undeniable future cars will need a high-speed mobile Internet access network needs, while sharing the phone out of the network can not meet this requirement, because the phone itself is still running traffic, so this "one for two" web experience results will not be good.

Experience poor results, control and manipulation of the car phone's screen is two completely different feeling, this year the trend is also growing car screen (with Tesla as the representative), and includes a touch screen, including a variety of human-computer interaction are more perfect, and even integrated in the steering wheel control, whether it is convenience or security, the phone can not be compared. (Car phone has not written in the law in the post, but there is no provision can not be manipulated to drive the car and HUD head-up display screen, which gives the future of automotive electronics left a broad space for development)

Unable to meet the networking needs of the car, the car that power the Internet deeper positioning tracking cars, and provide related services, and even the relationship between traffic participants intelligent processing between each other (for example, with the car automatically brakes, automatic parking or crossing ), the phone can not replace the car itself provide such data, or not timely feedback, so from now on this is, by connecting the phone to the Internet only a temporary solution.

Asking for the moon, the car also need to 4G

In fact, we are here there is no need to discuss the needs of the Internet car, because you can imagine this is a smartphone or tablet and exactly the same as, or even higher than the demand for mobile phones.

Therefore, no matter from which the demand, the need of stable and high-speed 4G network, see where friends will love brains questioned the application of 3G is enough ah, even watching online video, it will not force quality, 3G speeds can meet, but the actual situation may really not the case.

Data exchange capacity onboard computer is likely to be greater than a mobile phone. To provide in-car navigation, information, entertainment, information also needs to be synchronized with the server, or even an alarm for help at the crucial moment, the amount of data for 3G network is a bit tight.

To meet the needs of people at the same time entertainment. Usually only one person with a mobile phone, but the car information and entertainment is likely to require more than one person to share, before and after a lot of luxury cars have three rows add up to the screen, the more common of the two possibilities is to see the back of the line video, real-time navigation and the front, this time 3G network also enough?

To stay out of future vehicle networking bandwidth. Telematics demand is still not fully sketched out, but very broad application space, while traffic between real-time scanning, cars and trucks similar to communicate, even the autopilot (judged terrain) this function, the traffic is very eat.

Demand for high-speed mobility. Cars with the largest mobile phone is a little different, high-speed travel is often in a state of more than one hundred kilometers per hour, at this time, whether 3G or 4G network will be "off rate", I believe this experience to sit high iron people have had, and in this case, 4G than 3G for better performance.

Download and install the software requirements. Like said before, whether Ford or Cadillac and other auto manufacturers introduced platform, or Apple, Microsoft, Google alliance, the basic point is that the car platform with the system, and that can install your favorite software as smart phones, Although this matter is also 3G capable, but you say the car is only a few dozen megabytes of software that big? For example: a lot of map software offline map pack, are hundreds of megabytes, no 4G network all fear is gone half the way, have not seen the map yet.

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