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Real-time traffic on the car, we need to make a big move
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According to the British consulting firm Regus, a survey report shows that Chinese workers on the way to work every day (one-way from home to work) time spent "leading" global. In 50 major cities listed, there are 17 cities average time spent at work more than 30 minutes. Beijing to work the longest average time it takes for 52 minutes, followed by 48 minutes in Guangzhou, Shanghai 47 minutes, Shenzhen 46 minutes. Looked at the data and ahead of qualifying colorful, do you feel knee deep in the stone.

Real-time traffic, go out essential artifact? !
Heavy traffic, and the status of multiple dense traffic light, which is most of the domestic traffic situation in the city. Weekdays nothing encounter traffic jams, slow traffic become commonplace, or in the rain in front of traffic accidents go, as long as the driver can select either of two more than an hour ahead of time to go out, or do the preparation work late. Resulting in real-time traffic technology, car owners save Ku Haha. In Germany, an independent research report: the average for 30-40 minutes drive from the ordinary, real-time traffic technology can reduce 13% of the passage of time, and even in congested areas can save 30% of the average travel time.
He says real-time traffic, the driver is indeed essential travel to go to work the artifact.

Enterprise demand but also required, the key to see how broken? !
As we all know, the arrival of multi-screen era has given consumers more choice, but also bring a lot of challenges of multi-screen cross-Fusion. For car navigation industry, both dedicated car navigation, there PND, even mobile navigation can also have third of an acre, the ability to achieve integration between the various carriers? Domestic navigation industry has been a golden period, product updates lag, stagnant functions and services, to meet the needs of owners and other factors gave birth to the decline in value of the price war. Homogenization, a sharp compression product margins so many companies in the vicious competitive environment struggling. Thus the emergence of real-time traffic, for the industry to bring new profit breakthrough. But the reality is the desire of the owner of the value of real-time traffic soared, and real-time traffic navigation application is extremely rare, and mostly has launched real-time traffic is basically dependent on the network itself is not networked navigation often inaccessible. Companies want to take advantage of real-time traffic navigation is necessary to consider the accuracy of real-time traffic information, and more importantly, have to consider many of the old users, after all, a few years ago to sell the majority of domestic navigation are not networked. For users, new users and old users are important. Even relying on real-time traffic is expected to take the difference, companies can not favoritism, so many companies on real-time traffic can be described as love-hate relationship.
Real-time traffic smoothly on the car, you want to zoom trick
Real-time traffic how well the car, landing on the application of car navigation machine has become an urgent breakthrough.
At this year's high-profile Beijing auto show, Kay Rucker to spread inaccurate for real-time traffic problem in the near future will move to enlarge the news, not only can greatly enhance the current real-time traffic information sources, it is important to break the current non-networked navigation how to achieve real-time traffic. Recently, Xiao Bian received another message, Kay upcoming multi-screen interactive products. In the vehicle computer with internet or linked WiFi circumstances, Kay products can be directly implemented car navigation navigation and traffic broadcast; and in the not networked car machine, through a multi-screen interactive advantage, vehicle computer navigation + phone synchronized broadcast in real time road conditions.
This product was so powerful, the owner made it? When Xiao Bian sigh, put out another message, Kay Rucker This artifact can not only real-time traffic smoothly on the train, also expected in the commercial vehicle manufacturers in the navigation, help car navigation companies in the Red Sea competition to highlight the differences, tight encirclement. Like the first application of the enterprise, you can find Kay Rucker hooked it, maybe first come first served oh.

Editor's Summary:
Now, real-time traffic in the city traffic travel has been indispensable in modern driving an important part of life. The majority of drivers desire for real-time traffic demand is already naked, with the mass base, real-time traffic open market just missing the finishing touches: car applications.
Now it seems that, as mentioned above, if that addresses the problem with the accuracy of the traffic information, but not while addressing networking and networked car machine, then the real-time traffic widely used in the machine is not far wrong car, the driver soon the future can be waved to traffic jams, slow traffic or something to say: Friends do!

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