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New entrants, the navigation map and then turmoil
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Few years, the passage of time, the map from the original blue ocean venture into today's competition the Red Sea. BAT Big Three not only sitting in Baidu Baidu Baidu navigation map and the two brands. More importantly, from the underlying data, the strategic stake in Baidu navigation electronic map having Class A mapping qualification long way Wanfang (corresponding map Cn brand once after the market has a good market share). Alibaba hands even earlier than Baidu, generous investment in 2010, it's easy to figure the layout of the investment, after the first strategic stake, after a wholly-owned German scored high, its high moral navigation and high moral map only a large number of Internet users also occupy no small share of pre-installed. Tencent action is slow, but also a place with a street map, NavInfo and has become the second largest shareholder (11.28%), second only to China four-dimensional (12.58%). So far, the Internet giant war settled preliminary map has been determined that the play is about to start fighting.

The above-mentioned media wantonly sought after and just focus on the Internet map market, as well as pre-installed map market. However, China has always been a lot of things with Chinese characteristics, the field map is no exception. While the media has been in hot pursuit of Internet maps and map pre-installed, but do not forget in the domestic market after the company also has several maps in the fight, and is available to the user a good after-market navigation map user experience. Conservative and different pre-installed market, the map after the market more focus on user experience, more good grasp "De Cock wire who in the world." Hence after Kay has been the market leader, who once wanted to shake its status after round after round no fault of their own not only close Kay, also continue to be the US line map, maps, etc. Xin Jia Hang eroded rising star, the second status in jeopardy. But the current variable is Baidu's strategic stake, I do not know will not use its pass godfather Baidu resource advantages rise again. Even more interesting is that after the recent market rumors of corporate good collar will also join the war navigation map, as the maps are good collar brand map, DSA maps or custom map is unknown. But on sources, do more good collar custom map feasibility. But still full of doubts do not know for what good leader added ponder? This point in time, such a pattern is coveted new bureau in the Red Sea and then broke it in the scuffle?
Currently, pre-installed with Chinese characteristics and aftermarket fragmentation, it touches to the new entrants a little time and opportunity, but as Apple CarPlay, Baidu CarNet, Tencent and other Lobo from Internet and mobile Internet territory outflanking, will not fragmented pattern before and after the break only to be filled with time-tested.
Reached after loading map good collar Red Sea, as well as play it?
In the industry view, leaving aside the Internet in full swing nowadays maps and O2O, navigation map industry is a declining industry. He said the decline is because of front-loading pattern has been set, NavInfo and high German two-Dominate Market, Kay Rucker, round after round, the US line, EMG, etc. want a share, also has the game. A few years ago glory of the PND, Kaili Deguang possession of market, but did not exchange income, and now, PND is basically rampant piracy, to expect the PND market revenue in exchange, except when national policy adjustment, protection of intellectual property suddenly fly to the branches, or the game. So Kay Rucker, Cn are bound to continue in the field of car navigation market, while fighting insurance revenue, began to explore innovation, develop new revenue territory.
Red Sea and this one, the good collar spending huge sums to build custom maps reached trying to do? We do not know. However, sources close to the key person in charge of a good lead sources, the move was mainly good collar is fancy and data entry, good collar that the future of automotive electronics (including car navigation, electronic dog tachograph, etc.) are competing achieve service differentiation is a practical way not avoid competition in services, hardware manufacturers themselves will be more low-threshold, on service, cloud, big data. In good collar opinion, future services, maps will be an important part of the future of automotive electronics towards the rear end of the front end +, which is a hardware + services, maps necessarily occupy an important position. On the other hand, after a previous venture into the market with some of the maps of different manufacturers, good is not led away into the Red Sea mode, but insight into the rules, good leading machine, using its own early warning information in the field of electronic data unique advantage and market share rate homeopathic expand, extend to the navigation map section, just play to their profound strength. In addition to map good collar 20 million POI, real full-screen maps, and get promoted to one second destination retrieval speed, extensive early warning information also map good collar differentiated weighing. Also called emboldened where the above mentioned, there are core competencies, it is fear of competition.
Striking, is there reason to expect?
According to sources, custom map good collar being revised and will soon launch a war but soon. Once in the field of portable navigation striking and launched selling navigation warning one machine good collar, a so-called big fish in a small pond in the navigation map areas not striking still play? Can writing a legend again? In this regard, I asked some of the professionals and the media, which view is more polarized. One school of thought which believes that navigation map business, especially the major revenue from after-market navigation map data are faced with tremendous challenges enterprise Internet map and pressure free when struck, how to live, so for good into the collar more worried that good collar facing difficult time to enter. And those who are more optimistic that the good times lead the transformation and integration, have created a striking success, once again overwhelmed by the Bureau of the navigation map, must be prepared to fight a battle, or worth the wait, hope good collar to join, can be further promote enhance the user experience, in addition to fighting between enterprises after, give consumers more tangible benefits.

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