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The next three years after the car market will leave 80% of the profit owners
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30 years of reform and opening, the rapid growth of China's automobile industry. Joint venture brands, domestic brands are filling flair, foreign brands more general trend in the invasion. Cars from the early 1980s have been unattainable luxuries into the homes of ordinary people. Nearly 10 to China's automobile production and sales have maintained double-digit growth, while the last five years is the first in the world to maintain the growth momentum. Look at the Beijing Auto Show, big stars, attracting not just the owners. Although there are also more price luxury car line is close to the people, let me see and think.

By the end of 2013, the number of breakthrough 250 million motor vehicles, motor vehicle drivers of nearly 280 million people. With car ownership in China continued to rise, after the automobile market is also associated with surging. In the case of the market increasingly competitive, companies from various market channels to seize the terminal. Once upon a time the owners installed a dedicated car navigation hundreds of million. Its profit distribution channels can be imagined, as the market changes, most navigation prices have stabilized at 2,000 yuan in it. Before the industry manufacturers are covered channels, avoiding the terminal, trying to get consumers to unknown authenticity, to earn high profits. Ever know the industry bigwigs have terminal layout brand, TV publicity, riders events, promotions and other network reach the public, when broken channel profit margins when we are still discussing is not self-sustaining these bigwigs do not panic, electricity supplier has become very popular. Various aspects of the business but also wanted to wait and see, because in the past have only a few big brands in contact with the terminal owner, no one thought the past three years has grown up dark horse "car Xingjian" silent reached in cooperation with the Phoenix, fine Learn about the "car Xingjian" can be regarded as menacing, established in 2006, after five years of silence has become one of the year the industry growth of the brand, and then reached the excellent brand industry in 2012, the road to catch the Big Dipper in the midst of controversy tree national brand of the heart. It would appear that cooperation with the Phoenix car Xingjian is also logical. But "car Xingjian" with the Phoenix such a move is no doubt sounded the horn of their owners face. I believe in the near future there will be more after-market brand owners will face, began to shape their public image.

We can easily foresee a direct integration of manufacturers and consumers will completely break today's automotive after-market sales model, to change our previous spending ideas. Of which the greatest impact is the car 4S shop.

Addition of a large number of sales 4S shop we have heard is not fresh, and some secret operations tactics, claiming that original parts means for consumers to keep track of. Because the owners do not have channels to understand parts manufacturers, this will allow the conflict 4S shop owners and remain within the controllable range. With the brand manufacturers and owners face to face contacts, the quality, the price will be transparent. 4S profits will also be aware of the owner, presumably hidden in the contradiction with the 4S shop owners will also be acute. 4S shop will be completely change or sink in among this impact, we do not know. Always keep forgetting death in an idea, installing business 4S shop is a blessing or a curse, we can only wait patiently.

Then it is the auto city.

Now Auto Parts City market with the type of product brand variety, Auto Parts City, a product of the same type may be up to hundreds of species, which allow owners to only passively listen to the views of the store. The brands to communicate directly with the owners of the product so that owners have a more detailed understanding. Auto Parts City owners to upgrade later modified car when, just as we are now visiting the city, like a computer, set out the products they want, go directly to purchase.

Meanwhile, with the promotion of the brand, the owner of their favorite brand awareness, find manufacturers direct sales or network buy. Simplify the supply chain, manufacturers and owners will be wise to this part of the cost back to the owner, the owner of the course, the last to enjoy the high quality products and services.

After the height of a unified market, product price, quality transparency. After the current automobile market products for nearly 80 percent of high profits will directly die, of course, reduce the cost of circulation must be given to the consumer better prices and better service. We can be bold imagination: the future auto market after three years 80% of profits will be left to the owners.

The car Xingjian's cooperation with the Phoenix albeit Xingjian car audio navigation a brand strategy, seemingly individual behavior, but we believe there must be a corporate car market after more attention to brand building, and timely change their minds, to accelerate more healthy development of the industry.

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